Knights of the Frozen Throne (Un-collectible)

Card Name Class Type
Remorseless Winter Death Knight
Blood Tap Death Knight Spell
Shut up, Priest Death Knight Spell
The True Lich Death Knight Spell
The Price of Power Death Knight Spell
The True King Death Knight Spell
Soul Reaper Death Knight Spell
Purge the Weak Death Knight Spell
The Hunted Death Knight Spell
Frostmourne Death Knight Weapon
Frostmourne Death Knight Weapon
Unchained Magic Mage Spell
Frostmourne Enchantment Neutral Enchantment
Vampiric Bite Neutral
Maddest Science Neutral
Frost Breath Neutral
Frost Breath Neutral
Skeletal Reconstruction Neutral
Blood Rune Neutral
Harvest of Souls Neutral
Mad Science Neutral
Madder Science Neutral
Frost Breath Neutral
Deathbringer Saurfang Neutral Hero
Sindragosa Neutral Hero
Lord Marrowgar Neutral Hero
Skeletal Knight Neutral Minion
Zombeast Neutral Minion
Blood-Queen Lana'thel Neutral Hero
Bitten! Neutral Enchantment
The Lich King Neutral Hero
Sleeping Acolyte Neutral Minion
Eager Rogue Neutral Minion
The Lich King Neutral Hero
Ice Claw Neutral
Vampiric Leech Neutral
Ghoul Neutral Minion
The Scourge Neutral
Terrible Tank Neutral Minion
Bone Storm Neutral Spell
Val'kyr Shadowguard Neutral Minion
Block of Ice Neutral Minion
Blood Beast Neutral Minion
Trapped Soul Neutral Minion
Needy Hunter Neutral Minion
Bone Spike Neutral Minion
Festergut Neutral Minion
A. F. Kay Neutral Minion
Valithria Dreamwalker Neutral Minion
Warlock on Fire Neutral Minion
Tentacles Neutral Weapon
Bryn'troll, the Bone Arbiter Neutral Weapon
Tirion Fordring Paladin Hero
Bite of the Blood-Queen Warlock Spell
Blood Essence Warlock Spell