Kobolds & Catacombs (Un-collectible)

Card Name Class Type
Stomp Druid Spell
Stampede Druid Spell
Ixlid Druid Hero
Elder Jari Druid Hero
Jeeru Druid Hero
Mana Growth Druid Spell
Jungle King Druid Spell
Natural Defense Druid Spell
Blackseed Druid Hero
Restoration Druid Spell
Balance Druid Spell
Wise Decisions Druid Spell
Cult of C'thun Druid Spell
Jungle Quest Druid Spell
Blackseed Druid Hero
Jade Fangs Druid Spell
Taunt Druid Spell
Tracker Hunter Spell
Weapons Hunter Spell
Beast Training Hunter Spell
Secrets Hunter Spell
Summoner Hunter Spell
Shots Hunter Spell
Big Beasts Hunter Spell
Wee Beasts Hunter Spell
Tad Hunter Hero
Explosive Hunter Enchantment
Wee Whelp Hunter Hero
Trapped Room Hunter Hero
Waxmancer Sturmi Hunter Hero
Waxmancer Sturmi Hunter Hero
Giant Rat Hunter Hero
Smugglers Hunter Spell
Defense Hunter Spell
Legendary Hunter Spell
Deathrattle Hunter Spell
Bristlesnarl Hunter Hero
Frostfur Mage Hero
Chaos Mage Spell
Elementals Mage Spell
Magical Friends Mage Spell
Frost Mage Spell
Fire Mage Spell
Unique Mage Spell
Big Spells Mage Spell
Lyris the Wild Mage Mage Hero
Arcane Mage Spell
Lost Secrets Mage Spell
Giant Army Mage Spell
Defense Mage Spell
Heroic Power Mage Spell
Totem of the Dead Neutral Spell
Whipped Into Shape Neutral Enchantment
Battle Totem Neutral Spell
Crystal Gem Neutral Spell
Charge! Neutral Enchantment
Rakanishu Neutral Spell
Encroaching Darkness Neutral
Alarm Neutral
Waxed Neutral Enchantment
The Floor is Lava Neutral
Small Backpacks Neutral Spell
Bag of Coins Neutral Spell
Sunken Chest Neutral Minion
Totem of the Dead Neutral
Totem of Chaos Neutral
Battle Totem Neutral
Coin Neutral
Scroll of Confusion Neutral Spell
Rat Neutral Minion
Evolvomancy Neutral
Digest Magic Neutral
Devour Neutral
Metabolized Magic Neutral
Charrrrrge! Neutral
Whipped into Frenzy Neutral Enchantment
Archmage Staff Neutral Weapon
Potion of Vitality Neutral Spell
Catch and Release Neutral
Mysterious Tome Neutral Spell
Light's Will Neutral
Beam Me Up! Neutral
Glooped Neutral Enchantment
Vindictive Breath Neutral
Portable Ice Wall Neutral Minion
Mystic Barrier Neutral
Magic Mirror Neutral Spell
Party Portal Neutral Minion
Bag of Stuffing Neutral Spell
Loyal Sidekick Neutral Minion
Gloves of Mugging Neutral Spell
Tad's Pole Neutral Weapon
Portable Forge Neutral Spell
Greater Evolution Neutral
THE CANDLE Neutral Spell
Deadly Spore Neutral Minion
Searing Lash Neutral
Sculpt Wax Neutral
Unstable Explosion Neutral
Cruel Words Neutral
Treasure Coffer Neutral Minion
Mushroom Potion Neutral Spell
Arcane Infusion Neutral
Charge! Neutral
Tactical Retreat Neutral
Three Wee Wishes Neutral
Mask of Mimicry Neutral Spell
Freeze Neutral
Swallow Whole Neutral
Idle Neutral
Vorpal Dagger Neutral Weapon
Alluring Tune Neutral
Dampen Magic Neutral
Greedy Pickaxe Neutral Weapon
Sprouting Spore Neutral
Rat Race Neutral
Gloop Neutral
Mushroom, Mushroom Neutral
Horn of Cenarius Neutral Spell
Amulet of Domination Neutral Spell
Giant Stomp Neutral
Baby Breath Neutral
Stone Golem Neutral Minion
Join the Fray Neutral
Divinity Neutral
Unstable Demolition Neutral
Zarog's Crown Neutral Spell
Wax Rager Neutral Minion
Golden Kobold Neutral Minion
Sawblade Neutral Minion
Starving Crab Neutral Minion
Wand of Disintegration Neutral Spell
Orb of Destruction Neutral Spell
Magic Candle Neutral
Beam of Frost Neutral Spell
Tolin's Goblet Neutral Spell
Beam of Confusion Neutral Spell
Beam of Fear Neutral Spell
Embers of Ragnaros Neutral Spell
Beam of Fire Neutral Spell
Beam of Decay Neutral Spell
Hunter's Call Neutral
Harden Sculpture Neutral
Beam of Death Neutral Spell
Shroomsayer Neutral Minion
Dr. Boom's Boombox Neutral Spell
Reverberating Ooze Neutral Minion
Primordial Wand Neutral Spell
Dispel Ward Neutral
Doors Are Closing Neutral
Shifting Hourglass Neutral Spell
Rod of Roasting Neutral Spell
Wish Neutral Spell
Stolen Time Neutral
Silver Hand Paladin Spell
Karl and George Paladin Hero
Legendary Paladin Spell
Divine Shield Paladin Spell
Tag Team Paladin Spell
Taunt Paladin Spell
George and Karl Paladin Hero
Justice Paladin Spell
Sacred Arms Paladin Spell
Murlocs Paladin Spell
Many Blessings Paladin Spell
Secrets Paladin Spell
A. F. Kay Paladin Hero
The Mothergloop Paladin Hero
Dragonmaster Paladin Spell
Healing Paladin Spell
George and Karl Enchantment Paladin Enchantment
Helping Hand Paladin Spell
Dragon Priest Priest Spell
Vustrasz the Ancient Priest Hero
Mushhuckster Max Priest Hero
Graves the Cleric Priest Hero
Shadow Priest Spell
Bag of Tricks Priest Spell
Resurrection Priest Spell
Domination Priest Spell
Last Rites Priest Spell
Spiritspeaker Azun Priest Hero
Holy Priest Spell
Cult of C'Thun Priest Spell
Elementals Priest Spell
Seriona Priest Hero
Unique Priest Spell
Discipline Priest Spell
Combo Caster Priest Spell
The Darkness Priest Hero
Jade Lotus Rogue Spell
Exhaustion Rogue Spell
King Togwaggle Rogue Hero
Treasure Vault Rogue Hero
Russell the Bard Rogue Hero
Voodoomaster Vex Rogue Hero
Thaddock the Thief Rogue Hero
Bink the Burglar Rogue Hero
Adrenaline Rush Rogue Spell
Evasive Rogue Spell
Candlebeard Rogue Hero
Death Dealer Rogue Spell
Candlebeard Rogue Hero
Greed Rogue Spell
Thief Rogue Spell
Assassin Rogue Spell
Outlaws Rogue Spell
Bag of Tricks Rogue Spell
Cult of C'thun Rogue Spell
Blademaster Rogue Spell
Gutmook Shaman Hero
Destruction Shaman Spell
Elder Brandlemar Shaman Hero
Lava-Filled Chamber Shaman Hero
Fungalmancer Flurgl Shaman Hero
Gutmook Shaman Hero
Frost Shaman Spell
Restoration Shaman Spell
Mutations Shaman Spell
Battlecrier Shaman Spell
Elementals Shaman Spell
Murlocs Shaman Spell
Overload Shaman Spell
Totems Shaman Spell
Jade Lotus Shaman Spell
Farseer Shaman Spell
Mechanized Shaman Spell
Destruction Warlock Spell
Dire Demons Warlock Spell
Taunt Warlock Spell
Blood Warlock Spell
Lifesteal Warlock Spell
Azari, the Devourer Warlock Hero
Swarm Warlock Spell
Xol the Unscathed Warlock Hero
Sacrifice Warlock Spell
Huge Hand Warlock Spell
Discard Warlock Spell
Little Legion Warlock Spell
Cult of C'thun Warlock Spell
Unique Warlock Spell
Pathmaker Hamm Warrior Hero
Recruiter Warrior Spell
Battlecrier Jin'zo Warrior Hero
Brimstone Warden Warrior Hero
Overseer Mogark Warrior Hero
Pathmaker Hamm Warrior Hero
Whompwhisker Warrior Hero
Overseer Mogark Warrior Hero
Gnosh the Greatworm Warrior Hero
Berserker Warrior Spell
Kraxx Warrior Hero
Charge! Warrior Spell
Weapons Warrior Spell
Armor Warrior Spell
Pirates Warrior Spell
Taunt Warrior Spell
Smash! Warrior Spell
Re-Enforcer Warrior Spell
Legendary Warrior Spell
Dragon Heart Warrior Spell
Everybody Hurts Warrior Spell