Rise of Shadows

Card Name Class Type
Acornbearer Druid Minion
Crystal Power Druid Spell
Blessing of the Ancients Druid Spell
Crystalsong Portal Druid Spell
Crystal Stag Druid Minion
Keeper Stalladris Druid Minion
Lucentbark Druid Minion
Dreamway Guardians Druid Spell
Lifeweaver Druid Minion
The Forest's Aid Druid Spell
Rapid Fire Hunter Spell
Ursatron Hunter Minion
Marked Shot Hunter Spell
Nine Lives Hunter Spell
Arcane Fletcher Hunter Minion
Oblivitron Hunter Minion
Vereesa Windrunner Hunter Minion
Shimmerfly Hunter Minion
Hunting Party Hunter Spell
Unleash the Beast Hunter Spell
Ray of Frost Mage Spell
Magic Dart Frog Mage Minion
Messenger Raven Mage Minion
Mana Cyclone Mage Minion
Power of Creation Mage Spell
Khadgar Mage Minion
Kalecgos Mage Minion
Magic Trick Mage Spell
Conjurer's Calling Mage Spell
Kirin Tor Tricaster Mage Minion
Toxfin Neutral Minion
Potion Vendor Neutral Minion
Hench-Clan Hogsteed Neutral Minion
Dalaran Librarian Neutral Minion
Arcane Servant Neutral Minion
EVIL Cable Rat Neutral Minion
Spellbook Binder Neutral Minion
Mana Reservoir Neutral Minion
Sunreaver Spy Neutral Minion
Flight Master Neutral Minion
Faceless Rager Neutral Minion
Hench-Clan Sneak Neutral Minion
Violet Spellsword Neutral Minion
Travelling Healer Neutral Minion
Soldier of Fortune Neutral Minion
Proud Defender Neutral Minion
Dalaran Crusader Neutral Minion
Violet Warden Neutral Minion
Eccentric Scribe Neutral Minion
Safeguard Neutral Minion
Heroic Innkeeper Neutral Minion
Burly Shovelfist Neutral Minion
Magic Carpet Neutral Minion
Hench-Clan Hag Neutral Minion
Azerite Elemental Neutral Minion
Unseen Saboteur Neutral Minion
Portal Overfiend Neutral Minion
Whirlwind Tempest Neutral Minion
Batterhead Neutral Minion
Big Bad Archmage Neutral Minion
Archmage Vargoth Neutral Minion
Barista Lynchen Neutral Minion
Chef Nomi Neutral Minion
Jepetto Joybuzz Neutral Minion
Archivist Elysiana Neutral Minion
Spellward Jeweler Neutral Minion
Arcane Watcher Neutral Minion
Hecklebot Neutral Minion
Portal Keeper Neutral Minion
Recurring Villain Neutral Minion
Sunreaver Warmage Neutral Minion
Mad Summoner Neutral Minion
Underbelly Ooze Neutral Minion
Exotic Mountseller Neutral Minion
Tunnel Blaster Neutral Minion
Never Surrender! Paladin Spell
Lightforged Blessing Paladin Spell
Bronze Herald Paladin Minion
Duel! Paladin Spell
Dragon Speaker Paladin Minion
Commander Rhyssa Paladin Minion
Nozari Paladin Minion
Desperate Measures Paladin Spell
Mysterious Blade Paladin Weapon
Call to Adventure Paladin Spell
EVIL Conscripter Priest Minion
Unsleeping Soul Priest Spell
Hench-Clan Shadequill Priest Minion
Lazul's Scheme Priest Spell
Shadowy Figure Priest Minion
Madame Lazul Priest Minion
Catrina Muerte Priest Minion
Forbidden Words Priest Spell
Convincing Infiltrator Priest Minion
Mass Resurrection Priest Spell
Daring Escape Rogue Spell
EVIL Miscreant Rogue Minion
Hench-Clan Burglar Rogue Minion
Waggle Pick Rogue Weapon
Unidentified Contract Rogue Spell
Heistbaron Togwaggle Rogue Minion
Tak Nozwhisker Rogue Minion
Togwaggle's Scheme Rogue Spell
Underbelly Fence Rogue Minion
Vendetta Rogue Spell
Mutate Shaman Spell
Soul of the Murloc Shaman Spell
Walking Fountain Shaman Minion
Witch's Brew Shaman Spell
Muckmorpher Shaman Minion
Scargil Shaman Minion
Swampqueen Hagatha Shaman Minion
Sludge Slurper Shaman Minion
Underbelly Angler Shaman Minion
Hagatha's Scheme Shaman Spell
EVIL Genius Warlock Minion
Rafaam's Scheme Warlock Spell
Aranasi Broodmother Warlock Minion
Darkest Hour Warlock Spell
Jumbo Imp Warlock Minion
Arch-Villain Rafaam Warlock Minion
Fel Lord Betrug Warlock Minion
Plot Twist Warlock Spell
Impferno Warlock Spell
Eager Underling Warlock Minion
Improve Morale Warrior Spell
Vicious Scraphound Warrior Minion
Dr. Boom's Scheme Warrior Spell
Wrenchcalibur Warrior Weapon
Omega Devastator Warrior Minion
Blastmaster Boom Warrior Minion
The Boom Reaver Warrior Minion
Sweeping Strikes Warrior Spell
Clockwork Goblin Warrior Minion
Dimensional Ripper Warrior Spell