Tavern Brawl (Un-collectible)

Card Name Class Type
Repurposed DREAM Enchantment
To My Aid Underling! Death Knight Spell
Remorseless Winter Death Knight
Soldiers of the Cold Dark Death Knight Spell
Second Class: Druid Druid Spell
Druid Druid Spell
Ancient Power Druid
Treant Druid Minion
Next Hero: Druid Ench Druid Enchantment
Next Hero: Druid Ench Copy Druid Enchantment
Druid of the Claw Druid Minion
Chupacabran Druid Hero
Force of Nature Druid Spell
Innervate Druid Spell
Wild Growth Druid Spell
Malfurion the Pestilent Druid Hero
Keeper of the Grove Druid Minion
Nourish Druid Spell
Next Hero: Hunter Ench Copy Hunter Enchantment
Second Class: Hunter Hunter Spell
Hunter Hunter Spell
Zombeast Enchant Hunter Enchantment
Hunter's Mark Hunter Spell
Next Hero: Hunter Ench Hunter Enchantment
Deathstalker Rexxar Hunter Hero
Deathstalker Rexxar Hunter Hero
Mage Mage Spell
Next Hero: Mage Ench Mage Enchantment
Next Hero: Mage Ench Copy Mage Enchantment
Second Class: Mage Mage Spell
Tag Team Ice Block Mage Enchantment
Toki, Time Tinker Mage Hero
Bow Anomaly Mage Minion
Shield Anomaly Mage Minion
Withering Anomaly Mage Minion
Deadly Anomaly Mage Minion
Summoner Anomaly Mage Minion
CHILL! Mage Spell
Budding Anomaly Mage Minion
Mana Wyrm Mage Minion
Relentless March Mage Spell
Anomalous Rex Mage Minion
Fireblast Mage Spell
Frost Lich Jaina Mage Hero
Golden Legendary Neutral Minion
Something in the Punch Neutral Spell
Raucous Neutral Enchantment
Void Singularity Spell Neutral Enchantment
Vargoth Enchant Neutral Enchantment
Brawl Progress Saved Neutral Enchantment
Restart Neutral Spell
Continue Neutral Spell
Two Turns Neutral Enchantment
Puzzle 8 Neutral Spell
Swap Hero With Death Knight Neutral Enchantment
Reset the Brawl Neutral Spell
Champs Setup Neutral Enchantment
Puzzle 4 Neutral Spell
Sudden Death! Neutral Spell
Sudden Death Ench Neutral Enchantment
Innkeepers Choice All-Star Squad Setup Neutral Enchantment
Innkeepers Choice Enchant Neutral Enchantment
Innkeepers Choice Setup Neutral Enchantment
Play! Neutral Spell
Set Up Brawl Neutral Spell
Bombs Away! Neutral Spell
Bombs Away Enchantment
Puzzle 9 Neutral Spell
Puzzle 3 Neutral Spell
Swap Boss Hero Power by Class Neutral Enchantment
Shield Glare Neutral Enchantment
Check for Hero Death in Lich King Raid Neutral Enchantment
Puzzle 7 Neutral Spell
The Portal Opens Neutral Spell
SpellCaster Neutral Enchantment
Freezing Blast Neutral
Blood-Queen Lana'thel Neutral Hero
Swap Hero With Death Knight Neutral Enchantment
The Final Battle Neutral Spell
Cancelling the Apocalypse! Neutral Spell
Lord Marrowgar Neutral Hero
Professor Putricide Neutral Hero
Sindragosa Neutral Hero
Puzzle 6 Neutral Spell
Build-A-Brawl Innkeeper Enchant Neutral Enchantment
Build-A-Brawl Neutral Spell
Discover Next Class Copy Neutral Enchantment
Warrior Shrines Neutral Enchantment
TBUD Summon Early Minion Neutral Enchantment
Warlock Shrines Neutral Enchantment
OLDTBST Push Common Card Neutral Enchantment
New Hero! Neutral Spell
Puzzle 5 Neutral Spell
Puzzle 2 Neutral Spell
Puzzle 1 Neutral Spell
Rafaam Neutral Hero
Kel'Thuzad Neutral Hero
Great Father Kobold Spell Neutral Spell
Large Waxy Gift Neutral Minion
Great Father Kobold Enchant Neutral Enchantment
Wait for Discover Neutral Enchantment
Saddened Hero Enchant Neutral Enchantment
King Togwaggle Neutral Hero
VO Controller - Not Player Facing Neutral Enchantment
Boom o'clock! Enchantment
LK Phase 2 Debug Neutral Spell
LK Phase 3 Debug Neutral Spell
Saved Card Neutral Enchantment
More Annoying Neutral Enchantment
Annoy-o-Tron Prime Neutral Hero
Paladin Shrines Neutral Enchantment
TB_EnchRandomManaCost Neutral Enchantment
Reset Decks Neutral Spell
Create Horseman Neutral Spell
Pirate Costume Neutral Spell
Cat Costume Neutral Spell
Witch Costume Neutral Spell
Wait for Discover Neutral Enchantment
Pick Costume Neutral Enchantment
TB_ClockworkCardDealer Neutral Enchantment
Timeline Collision Neutral Spell
Minion of the Enemy Neutral Enchantment
TB_EnchWhosTheBossNow Neutral Enchantment
TBRandomCardCost Neutral Enchantment
Zombie Present Neutral Spell
Shadow Tower New Neutral Minion
Card Present Neutral Spell
Nefarian Neutral Hero
Ragnaros the Firelord Neutral Hero
Zombeast Brawl Spell Neutral Spell
Time Bubble Neutral Spell
Timely Blast Neutral Spell
Present! Neutral Spell
Hardpacked Snowballs Neutral Spell
Deferred Neutral Enchantment
Pair of Paradoxes Neutral Spell
Ban Opponent's Card Neutral Enchantment
The Mystery Card Neutral Spell
Enemy Captain Neutral Hero
Cheap Gift Neutral Enchantment
Kill Objective: Anub'arak Neutral Minion
Ragnaros the Firelord Neutral Hero
Conflagrate Neutral Enchantment
Move Over! (Ragnaros fully replaces Ahune) Neutral Spell
Move Over! (Ragnaros to Ahune) Neutral Spell
Move Over! (Ahune to Ragnaros) Neutral Spell
Move Over! (Ahune 1st) Neutral Spell
Mystery Pilot Neutral Enchantment
Boss HP Swapper Neutral Enchantment
Ragnaros the Firelord Neutral Hero
Create 15 Secrets Neutral Enchantment
Tarnished Coin Neutral Spell
Choose a New Card! Neutral Spell
Player Choice Enchant Neutral Enchantment
Choose a New Card! Neutral Spell
Blink Fox Enchant Neutral Enchantment
Valeera's Bag Enchant Neutral Enchantment
Bananas on Death Neutral Enchantment
Give Taunt and Charge Neutral Enchantment
Blingtron's Blade Neutral Enchantment
Blingtron's Blade HERO Neutral Enchantment
FREEZE, INSECT! Neutral Spell
Safe Neutral Enchantment
Endless Enchantment Neutral Enchantment
The Grimy Goons Neutral Enchantment
The Kabal Neutral Enchantment
The Jade Lotus Neutral Enchantment
Loves Annoy-o-tron Neutral Enchantment
Boom Bot Attached Neutral Enchantment
Double Minions Spell Neutral Spell
Double Minions Enchant Neutral Enchantment
Unite the Murlocs Enchant Neutral Enchantment
Kill the Lorewalker Neutral Spell
Taverns Echo Neutral Enchantment
Yogg Servant Hero Enchant Neutral Enchantment
Discover My Deck Enchant Neutral Enchantment
My Deck ID Neutral Enchantment
Deathrattle Yog Enchant Neutral Enchantment
WHY WON'T YOU DIE!? Neutral Enchantment
Cowed Neutral Enchantment
Enough! Neutral Enchantment
Pile On!!! Neutral
Getting Angry.... Neutral Enchantment
Catacomb Boss Neutral Hero
Meddling Fool! Neutral Spell
Vicious Swipe Neutral Spell
Miniature Neutral Enchantment
TBMechWarCommonCards Neutral Enchantment
Noise Complaint Neutral Spell
Unity Neutral Enchantment
Pick your second class Neutral Enchantment
Pick your second class Neutral Enchantment
Team Player Enchantment Neutral Enchantment
Immolate Neutral Spell
Immolate Neutral Spell
Don't Push Me! Neutral Spell
Explosive Runes Neutral Spell
Flame Missiles Neutral Spell
Flame Missiles Neutral Spell
Cleave Neutral Spell
Prioritize Neutral Spell
Bomb Salvo Neutral Spell
Release Coolant Neutral Spell
Overclock Neutral Spell
Double Zap Neutral Spell
Cleave Neutral Spell
Bamboozle Neutral Spell
Power (Spell) Neutral Spell
Coop Boss Neutral Hero
Madness Neutral
Glorious Finale Neutral Spell
Weapon Rack Neutral Minion
Void Singularity Neutral Minion
Abusive Sergeant Neutral Minion
Tech Portal Neutral Spell
OLDN3wb Healer Neutral Minion
The Rookery Neutral
OLDN3wb Mage Neutral Minion
OLDN3wb Tank Neutral Minion
Peruse Neutral Spell
Consume Neutral
Regenerative Cookies Neutral Spell
Chest of Gold! Neutral Minion
Foam Sword Neutral Weapon
Swarm Portal Neutral Spell
Leper Gnome Neutral Minion
Rotten Banana Neutral Spell
Discarded Armor Neutral Minion
Damaged Golem Neutral Minion
Mind Portal Neutral Spell
Mini-Rag Neutral Minion
Dwarf Demolitionist Neutral Minion
Conscript Neutral
Castle Neutral
Toxic Fumes Neutral
Level Up! Neutral
Sulfuras Neutral Weapon
Call Mediva Neutral Spell
Swat Fly Neutral
Explosive Rune Neutral Minion
Noblegarden Egg Neutral Minion
Molten Rage Neutral
Hypnotize Neutral
Pelt Neutral
Mark Moonwalker Neutral Minion
Susie Sizzlesong Neutral Minion
Divine Sweets Neutral Spell
Lightning Neutral Spell
Whirling Ash Neutral Minion
Understudy Neutral Minion
Staff of Origination Neutral
Living Lava Neutral Minion
Staff, Two Pieces Neutral
Wanda Wonderhooves Neutral Minion
Staff, First Piece Neutral
Paradox Neutral Minion
Necromancy Neutral
Sinister Squashling Neutral Minion
Netherspite Infernal Neutral Minion
Witchcraft Neutral
Party Banner Neutral Minion
Happy Partygoer Neutral Minion
Summon Guardians Neutral Spell
Mech Fan Neutral Minion
Patches the Pirate Neutral Minion
Journey to the Catacombs Neutral Spell
Nadia, Mankrik's Wife Neutral Minion
Knife Juggler Neutral Minion
Pirate Neutral Minion
Recharge! Recharge! Neutral Spell
Son of the Flame Neutral Minion
Upgrade Annoy-o-Core Neutral Spell
Big Game Hunter Neutral Minion
Upgrade Annoy-o-Core Neutral Spell
Noblegarden Spoon Neutral Spell
Omnotron Defense System Neutral Spell
Pulsing Pumpkin Neutral Minion
Increase Volume Neutral Spell
Ornery Partygoer Neutral Minion
Slash Neutral
Party Elemental Neutral Minion
Harvest Golem Neutral Minion
Rock Candy Neutral Spell
Moira Bronzebeard Neutral Minion
Fiery Burst Neutral Spell
Massive Runeblade Neutral Weapon
Maximum Annoying! Neutral Spell
OLDPvP Rogue Neutral Minion
Magic Candle Neutral
Ragnaros? Neutral Minion
OLDLegit Healer Neutral Minion
Party Elemental Neutral Minion
High Justice Grimstone Neutral Minion
Dragonscale Warrior Neutral Minion
Upgrade Annoy-o-Core Neutral Spell
Magic Candle Neutral
Party Portal! Neutral Spell
Heigan the Unclean Neutral Minion
Dorothee Neutral Minion
MELT! Neutral Spell
Gluth Neutral Minion
Grand Widow Faerlina Neutral Minion
Coren Direbrew Neutral Minion
Bloom Bot Neutral Minion
Enigmatic Portal Neutral Minion
Annoy-o-p-Tron Neutral Minion
Raid Healer Neutral Minion
Lucifron Neutral Minion
Bonemare Neutral Minion
Force-Tank OMEGA MAX Neutral Minion
Naga Sea Witch Neutral Minion
Spiteful Summoner Neutral Minion
Corridor Creeper Neutral Minion
Saronite Chain Gang Neutral Minion
Doom Bot Neutral Minion
Dragonkin Spellcaster Neutral Minion
Freewheeling Skulker Neutral Minion
Gadgetzan Auctioneer Neutral Minion
Captain Cookie Neutral Minion
Intrepid Dragonstalker Neutral Minion
Mime Neutral Minion
Romulo Neutral Minion
Hawkstrider Hen Neutral Minion
Drakonid Slayer Neutral Minion
Fear Neutral Spell
Brazier Neutral Minion
Fireworks Neutral Minion
Open the Gates Neutral Spell
Instructor Razuvious Neutral Minion
Dr. Boom Boom Boom Boom Neutral Minion
Calling for Backup Neutral Spell
PiƱata Golem Neutral Minion
Decorate Neutral
A New Hero Approaches Neutral Spell
Gearmaster Mechazod Neutral Minion
Gearmaster Mechazod Neutral Minion
Gearmaster Mechazod Neutral Minion
Headless Horseman's Head Neutral Minion
Overloaded Mechazod Neutral Minion
Second Class: Paladin Paladin Spell
Follow MY Rules! Paladin Spell
Next Hero: Paladin Ench Paladin Enchantment
Next Hero: Paladin Ench Copy Paladin Enchantment
Uther of the Ebon Blade Paladin Hero
Equality Paladin Spell
George The Fallen Paladin Hero
Paladin Paladin Spell
Call to Arms Paladin Spell
Level Up! Paladin Spell
Priest Priest Spell
Twisted Light Priest Spell
Winslow Tobtock Priest Hero
Next Hero: Priest Ench Priest Enchantment
Second Class: Priest Priest Spell
Next Hero: Priest Ench Copy Priest Enchantment
Shadowreaper Anduin Priest Hero
Second Class: Rogue Rogue Spell
Cast from Shadow Rogue Spell
Rogue Rogue Spell
Cold Blood Rogue Spell
Sharpen Rogue
Cash In Rogue
Draw Offensive Play Rogue Enchantment
Next Hero: Rogue Ench Copy Rogue Enchantment
Blade Flurry Rogue Spell
Sharpened Rogue Enchantment
Next Hero: Rogue Ench Rogue Enchantment
Shaman Shaman Spell
Second Class: Shaman Shaman Spell
Elemental Eruption Shaman Spell
Spirit Claws Shaman Weapon
Flametongue Totem Shaman Minion
Experiment 3C Shaman Hero
Hex Shaman Spell
Wharrgarbl Shaman Hero
Next Hero: Shaman Ench Shaman Enchantment
Next Hero: Shaman Ench Copy Shaman Enchantment
Thrall, Deathseer Shaman Hero
Second Class: Warlock Warlock Spell
Warlock Warlock Spell
Dark Pact Warlock Spell
Twisting Nether? Warlock Spell
Soulfire Warlock Spell
Next Hero: Warlock Ench Copy Warlock Enchantment
Bloodreaver Gul'dan Warlock Hero
Azalina Soulthief Warlock Hero
Blood Witch Gretta Warlock Hero
Next Hero: Warlock Ench Warlock Enchantment
Pick Opponent's Class: Row Warlock Enchantment
Shudderwock Warlock Hero
Pick Opponent's Class: Column Warlock Enchantment
Plaguemaster Rancel Warlock Hero
Possessed Lackey Warlock Minion
Warrior Warrior Spell
Second Class: Warrior Warrior Spell
Execute Warrior Spell
Defeat the Anomalies Warrior Spell
Charge! Warrior Enchantment
Next Hero: Warrior Ench Warrior Enchantment
Fiery War Axe Warrior Weapon
Visions of Valor Warrior Spell
Next Hero: Warrior Ench Copy Warrior Enchantment
Visions of the Crusader Warrior Spell
Visions of the Amazon Warrior Spell
Visions of Fate Warrior Spell
Visions of the Sorcerer Warrior Spell
Brushwood Centurion Warrior Hero
Visions of the Necromancer Warrior Spell
Scourgelord Garrosh Warrior Hero
Mr. Chu Warrior Hero