The Witchwood

Card Name Class Type
Witchwood Apple Druid Spell
Druid of the Scythe Druid Minion
Ferocious Howl Druid Spell
Wispering Woods Druid Spell
Duskfallen Aviana Druid Minion
Splintergraft Druid Minion
Witching Hour Druid Spell
Forest Guide Druid Minion
Bewitched Guardian Druid Minion
Hunting Mastiff Hunter Minion
Dire Frenzy Hunter Spell
Vilebrood Skitterer Hunter Minion
Rat Trap Hunter Spell
Toxmonger Hunter Minion
Houndmaster Shaw Hunter Minion
Emeriss Hunter Minion
Duskhaven Hunter Hunter Minion
Wing Blast Hunter Spell
Carrion Drake Hunter Minion
Snap Freeze Mage Spell
Vex Crow Mage Minion
Book of Specters Mage Spell
Arcane Keysmith Mage Minion
Archmage Arugal Mage Minion
Toki, Time-Tinker Mage Minion
Cinderstorm Mage Spell
Bonfire Elemental Mage Minion
Curio Collector Mage Minion
Swamp Dragon Egg Neutral Minion
Swamp Leech Neutral Minion
Vicious Scalehide Neutral Minion
Lost Spirit Neutral Minion
Spellshifter Neutral Minion
Blackwald Pixie Neutral Minion
Pumpkin Peasant Neutral Minion
Tanglefur Mystic Neutral Minion
Ravencaller Neutral Minion
Hench-Clan Thug Neutral Minion
Marsh Drake Neutral Minion
Walnut Sprite Neutral Minion
Swift Messenger Neutral Minion
Unpowered Steambot Neutral Minion
Felsoul Inquisitor Neutral Minion
Clockwork Automaton Neutral Minion
Rotten Applebaum Neutral Minion
Wyrmguard Neutral Minion
Darkmire Moonkin Neutral Minion
Furious Ettin Neutral Minion
Deranged Doctor Neutral Minion
Cauldron Elemental Neutral Minion
Baleful Banker Neutral Minion
Voodoo Doll Neutral Minion
Nightmare Amalgam Neutral Minion
Witch's Cauldron Neutral Minion
Sandbinder Neutral Minion
Muck Hunter Neutral Minion
Mossy Horror Neutral Minion
Worgen Abomination Neutral Minion
Splitting Festeroot Neutral Minion
Dollmaster Dorian Neutral Minion
Azalina Soulthief Neutral Minion
Countess Ashmore Neutral Minion
Phantom Militia Neutral Minion
Witchwood Piper Neutral Minion
Night Prowler Neutral Minion
Mad Hatter Neutral Minion
Scaleworm Neutral Minion
Lifedrinker Neutral Minion
Chief Inspector Neutral Minion
Witchwood Grizzly Neutral Minion
Gilnean Royal Guard Neutral Minion
Rebuke Paladin Spell
Sound the Bells! Paladin Spell
Ghostly Charger Paladin Minion
Hidden Wisdom Paladin Spell
Cathedral Gargoyle Paladin Minion
The Glass Knight Paladin Minion
Prince Liam Paladin Minion
Paragon of Light Paladin Minion
Bellringer Sentry Paladin Minion
Silver Sword Paladin Weapon
Divine Hymn Priest Spell
Squashling Priest Minion
Quartz Elemental Priest Minion
Vivid Nightmare Priest Spell
Chameleos Priest Minion
Lady in White Priest Minion
Holy Water Priest Spell
Coffin Crasher Priest Minion
Nightscale Matriarch Priest Minion
Cheap Shot Rogue Spell
Blink Fox Rogue Minion
Cutthroat Buccaneer Rogue Minion
WANTED! Rogue Spell
Spectral Cutlass Rogue Weapon
Face Collector Rogue Minion
Tess Greymane Rogue Minion
Pick Pocket Rogue Spell
Mistwraith Rogue Minion
Cursed Castaway Rogue Minion
Zap! Shaman Spell
Witch's Apprentice Shaman Minion
Ghost Light Angler Shaman Minion
Totem Cruncher Shaman Minion
Bogshaper Shaman Minion
Hagatha the Witch Shaman Hero
Shudderwock Shaman Minion
Blazing Invocation Shaman Spell
Earthen Might Shaman Spell
Witchwood Imp Warlock Minion
Duskbat Warlock Minion
Fiendish Circle Warlock Spell
Ratcatcher Warlock Minion
Deathweb Spider Warlock Minion
Glinda Crowskin Warlock Minion
Lord Godfrey Warlock Minion
Dark Possession Warlock Spell
Curse of Weakness Warlock Spell
Blood Witch Warlock Minion
Warpath Warrior Spell
Woodcutter's Axe Warrior Weapon
Rabid Worgen Warrior Minion
Town Crier Warrior Minion
Deadly Arsenal Warrior Spell
Darius Crowley Warrior Minion
Blackhowl Gunspire Warrior Minion
Redband Wasp Warrior Minion
Militia Commander Warrior Minion
Festeroot Hulk Warrior Minion